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Some people call it old school punk, some people say original punk, some people say '77 punk and some people call part of it new wave or power pop. I call it PUNK and that's what this is all about!

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The codes and what they mean:

biolocal file contains band bio
piclocal file contains picture(s)
discographylocal file contains discography
linklocal file contains link(s)

Band name without a link means that I'm searching something for these bands also.

Hate to say, but... this is still under construction - sorry!

And before the bands, here's a TOP-100 list + reviews of the best punk LP's and punk singles of the 70's written by fabulous Steve Gardener from NKVD Records.

Record label discographies and record label links are here. Of course only those 77'ish labels.

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Biopicdiscographylink 101'ers


Biopicdiscographylink 4-Skins


Biopicdiscographylink 999


biopicdiscographylink Adam & the Ants
biopicdiscographylink Adicts
biopicdiscographylink Abrasive Wheels
biopicdiscographylink Adolescents
biopicdiscographylink Advertising
biopicdiscographylink Adverts
biopicdiscographylink Agent Orange
biopicdiscographylink Aire, Jane
biopicdiscographylink Alternative TV
biopicdiscographylink Alien Sex Fiend
biopicdiscographylink Alley Cats
biopicdiscographylink Alvaro
biopicdiscographylink Angelic Upstarts
biopicdiscographylink Anti-Nowhere League
biodiscographylink Anti-Pasti
biodiscographylink Art Attacks
biodiscographylink Au Pairs
biopicdiscographylink Avengers


link B-52's
picdiscographylink Bad Brains
biopicdiscographylink Bags
biopicdiscographylink Barracudas
biopicdiscographylink Bator, Stiv
link Bauhaus
discographylink Birthday Party
biopicdiscographylink Black Flag
discographylink Blitz
biopicdiscographylink Blitzkrieg Bop
biopicdiscographylink Blondie
link Bollocks Brothers
biopicdiscographylink Boomtown Rats
discographylink Boys
piclink Bragg, Billy
link Business
picdiscographylink Buzzcocks


discographylink Captain Sensible
biodiscographylink Carpettes
discographylink Chaos UK
discographylink Chaotic Dischord
biodiscographylink Chelsea
biodiscographylink Chequered Past
biodiscographylink Chron Gen
biopicdiscographylink Circle Jerks
link Clash
link Cock Sparrer
discographylink Cockney Rejects
discographylink Conflict
biodiscographylink Cortinas
discographylink Elvis Costello
discographylink Count Bishops
biodiscographylink County Wayne/Jayne (& the Electric Chairs)
picdiscographylink Cramps
discographylink Crass
biodiscographylink Cravats
biodiscographylink Crime


picdiscographylink Damned
biodiscographylink Dead Boys
picdiscographylink Dead Kennedys
biodiscographylink Delta 5
discographylink Descendents
biodiscographylink Desperate Bicycles
biodiscographylink Destroy All Monsters
biopicdiscographylink DeVille, Willy - see Mink DeVille
link Devo
discographylink Dickies
biopicdiscographylink Dictators
discographylink Steve Diggle
biodiscographylink Dils
discographylink Discharge
link Disorder
biodiscographylink D.O.A.
biodiscographylink Doll By Doll
biopicdiscographylink Dr. Feelgood
biopicdiscographylink Drones
link Ian Dury


biopicdiscographylink Eater
biopicdiscographylink Ebba Grön
discographylink Eddie & the Hot Rods
biodiscographylink Electric Eels
biodiscographylink England's Glory
discographylink Essential Logic
link Exploited


picdiscographylink Fall
biodiscographylink Fear
link Feelies
biopicdiscographylink Patrik Fitzgerald
discographylink Flipper
link Flying Lizards
biopicdiscographylink Foley, Ellen
discographylink Forgotten Rebels


discographylink Gang of Four
picdiscographylink GBH
discographylink Generation X
discographylink Germs
link Go Go's
biodiscographylink Gorillas


piclink Nina Hagen
picdiscographylink Richard Hell
link Hollywood Brats
piclink Husker Du


link Inmates


biodiscographylink Jags
discographylink Jam
link Jilted John
biopicdiscographylink Johnny Moped
discographylink Joy Divison


discographylink Killing Joke
link Kleenex


biodiscographylink Last
discographylink Lords of the New Church
biopicdiscographylink Lene Lovich
discographylink Nick Lowe
link Lydia Lunch
discographylink Lurkers


biopicdiscographylink Magazine
biodiscographylink Maniacs
link MC5
discographylink Mekons
link Members
discographylink Menace
discographylink Merton Parkas
link Metal Urbain
biopicdiscographylink Mink DeVille
biopicdiscographylink Minor Threat
link Minutemen
biodiscography Missing Scientists
biodiscographylink Mo-Dettes
link Modern Lovers
discographylink Monochrome Set
biodiscographylink Motors
link Muffs
biodiscographylink Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls


biodiscographylink New Age Steppers
link New York Dolls
biodiscography Nosebleeds
biodiscographylink NotSensibles
piclink Nuns


biodiscographylink O Level
link Hazel O'Connor
biopicdiscographylink One Way System
picdiscographylink Only Ones
discographylink Outcasts


link Palmolive
link Graham Parker
link Partisans
discographylink Penetration
discographylink Pere Ubu
biodiscographylink Peter & the Test Tube Babies
link PIL
discographylink Plasmatics
biopicdiscographylink Pop Group
link Iggy Pop
discography Prefects
link Professionals



biopicdiscographylink Radiators from Space
picdiscographylink Radio Birdman
link Radio Stars
link Raincoats
link Ramones
link Raped
link Real Kids
link Records
discographylink Redd Kross
discographylink Revillos
biopicdiscographylink Rezillos
link Rich Kids
link Richman, Jonathan - see Modern Lovers
biodiscographylink Riff Raff
discographylink Riot Squad
link Tom Robinson
link Rudimentary Peni
biodiscographylink Ruts


biodiscographylink Saints
link Screamers
link Scritti Politti
biodiscographylink Sector 27
discographylink Sex Pistols
link Sham 69
discographylink Pete Shelley
piclink Siouxsie & the Banshees
biodiscographylink Skids
biodiscographylink Slaughter and the Dogs
link Slits
discographylink Patti Smith
discographylink Social Distortion
link Sods / Sort Sol
link Soft Boys
biodiscography Spitfire Boys
discographylink Spizz
link Squeeze
link Stinky Toys
discographylink Stiff Little Fingers
link Stooges
biopicdiscographylink Stranglers
link Suburban Studs
discographylink Subway Sect
biopicdiscographylink Suicide
link Rachel Sweet
discographylink Swell Maps


link Talking Heads
biodiscographylink Teen Idles
biodiscography Teenage Filmstars
link Television
biopicdiscographylink Television Personalities
biodiscographylink Tenpole Tudor
link Theatre of Hate
link Johnny Thunders
biodiscography Time UK
link Toyah
link TSOL
biopicdiscographylink TV Smith


link UK Subs
link Undertones
discographylink Urban Dogs


biodiscographydiscography Vapors
discographylink Varukers
biodiscographylink Vibrators
discographylink Vice Squad


link Weirdos
discographylink Wire
discographylink Wreckless Eric


link X
biodiscographylink X-Ray Spex
link XTC


link Yachts


discographylink Zeros

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